MIYAZAKI as DIVE site in Kyushu Japan

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Diving Shop SUPER NATURAL Nichinan Miyazaki Japan



MEDIUM JAPAN you can enjoy is there.

MIYAZAKI exists between Okinawa and Tokyo.


You can discover both

Cold and Warm water,

Hard and Soft coral,

Huge and KAWAII, meaning cute, creatures,

and Subtropical and Temperate oceanographic condition.

As well as delicious foods.

Once you visit MIYAZAKI, you would like return.


First you can contact us when you want dive on Kyushu area Japan.

Shop E-mail: info@dive-supernatural.com

TAK’s FB: http://www.facebook.com/




We can pick you up on Miyazaki city area and bring to dive base in Nichinan with excellent car.


We provide comfortable space to prepare to go to sea as Odotsu dive base, Nichinan.


Our stuff, TAK, can communicate in English.




Regular schedule as picking up in Miyazaki city:


7.00am Pick you up

7.20am Start at Miyazaki office

8.30am Arrive at Odotsu dive base and prepare to dive

9.10am Ride on our boat

9.20am Anchor at a dive point

9.30am Entry as first dive

10.20am Exit, move to next point and interval on boat

11.30am Entry as second dive

12.20pm Exit and go back to port

12.40pm Back to the dive base, wash gears and take hot water shower

1.00pm to 2.00pm Lunch and log

2.30pm to 3.00pm Leave at the dive base

4.20pm Drop you off



Price list for visitors (and members) and schedule:


Fun Dive:

9.00am – 1.00pm

Two boat dives: 13,000 JPY + tax (11,000 JPY + tax)

9.00am – 3.00pm

Three boat dives: 18,000 JPY +tax (15,000 JPY +tax)

Rental gears per one day:

Full gears, including BCD, regulator, suite and light gears as below:

10,000 JPY + tax

BCD: 2,000 JPY + tax

Regulator: 2,000 JPY + tax

Dry and Wet suite: 2,000 JPY + tax

Light gears, including boots, fins, gloves, mask, snorkel: 4,000 JPY + tax

Underwater torch: 1,000 JPY + tax

Underwater camera: 1,000 JPY + tax